These Convenient Sauce Packets are Perfect for FODMAP Dieters

 - Apr 1, 2019
References: fodmapped
Those following a low FODMAP diet, meaning to limit their intake of short chain carbohydrates, can take advantage of FODMAPPED's red wine pasta sauce packets.

In addition to being low FODMAP, the pre-made sauce is gluten-free, has no added MSG, is 98% fat-free, has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, is a great source of fiber, and is vegetarian-friendly.

Each of the packets has enough sauce to serve two people, and is prepared by simply heating it in a medium saucepan for just 1-2 minutes. This makes it easy to add any additional ingredients to the sauce, such as protein or vegetables. Once heated, the sauce is ready to serve and can be poured over any pasta dish.