This Beer is Made from Recycled Water Sourced from NASA

 - Nov 11, 2015
References: mavericksbeer & psfk
'Mavericks Brewing' is fighting the California drought by brewing its beer with recycled water. Despite the severity of the problem, California has implemented few large-scale solutions for coping with the impact of its year-long drought. This craft brewer has found a way to circumvent the problem by making one of its signature beers with local greywater.

Instead of using fresh water to brew its 'Tunnel Vision IPA.' Mavericks Brewing has been experimenting with the process of using greywater. The recycled water is sourced by NASA and used as a sustainable base for the specialty brew. In order to demonstrate that the use of greywater does not impact the taste of the beer, Mavericks Brewing held a tasting for its Tunnel Vision IPA. The tasting revealed that only one of the five judges could tell the difference between the original version of the beer and the prototype made from greywater.

The company hopes that its experiment will encourage other brewing companies to use recycled water as a safe and sustainable alternative to fresh water.