Trillery Creates Unique Pieces for Those Daring to Stand Out

Trillery is a young jewelry brand with reconstructed handmade pieces. The designer of the brand Pretty Suggie makes these one-of-a-kind designs from vintage pieces mixed with modern raw materials. The jewelry, more of a fashion and artistic statement, is very unique designed; they make body armor, halos, ear lace, slave bracelets and ear cuffs.

This stylish trend is for the bold ones: it has an aggressive and cutting-edge design for those who are not afraid to be different. What's more, Trillery is contemporarily designed, making it incredibly interesting and so gorgeous.

This brand will catch attention the attention of all of the jewelry lovers out there and since every piece is unique, they will sell out fast. If you are interested in custom-made pieces, this is a brand to keep an eye on in the future. The prices vary from piece to piece and the orders have to be made through the Internet. Trillery ships internationally.