The Parrot Recon Drone Locates and Rescues Those in the Water

 - Mar 1, 2017
References: yankodesign
Drones show immense promise when it comes to offering assistance for those who are in life-threatening situations like being stranded in open water, which the Parrot Recon Drone identifies.

The drone is outfitted with a front-mounted camera that enables the drone to be utilized for performing surveillance runs on the ocean's surface in addition to utilizing thermal imaging. This makes it possible for the drone to spot and locate a person in far less time than it would take a team doing so from aboard a ship.

When the drone identifies the person it is capable of dropping down a floatation device and aid in the process of getting the person on board the rescue ship.

The Parrot Recon Drone is the design work of Aurélien Gravelotte, Augustin Wanert, Maxence Hoet and Maxence Fournier.