This App Wakes Users Up Based on Real-Time Traffic Reports

'Waze' recently announced a new app update that would allow the program to use real-time traffic updates to determine each individual's optimal wake-up time. For those who commute, unpredictable traffic can often mean arriving too early or too late for important appointments. Now there is an app that figures out the perfect departure time for you, so you always arrive at your destination in good time.

The Planned Drives update for the Waze app works by accessing the user's calendar and Facebook Events, so that the program knows when the user must be at a particular destination. The app them uses real-time traffic updates to help users figure out when they should leave their house in order to arrive on time. For those who like to keep others in the loop, the app even comes with a 'Send ETA' feature that alters others when you are on your way.

With the Planned Drives feature, users never have to worry about calculating their travel time ever again.