These Real Life Emojis Warn Against Online Predators

 - Jan 20, 2014
References: gizmodo & geekologie
The non-profit group Innocence en Danger, a group devoted to fighting sexual abuse all over the world, has started an ad campaign using unsettling posters of people whose faces have been warped into real life emojis, like the winky face and the blowing-a-kiss face.

The idea behind the campaign is to bring to light that parents need to know who’s talking to their kids online, behind all the youth-oriented chat speak and, yes, funny-faced emojis. These posters are awkward and almost disturbing in nature because they make the person look like some distorted gnome with an exaggerated facial expression. These real life emojis will definitely make one think about who we meet on the Internet, and who we’re really chatting with, not just who they tell us they are when we can ‘meet’ them.