These Images Melding 16-Bit Sprites Over Real Backgrounds are Amazing

 - Apr 21, 2013
References: & kotaku
For many hardcore gamers, the difference between real life and video games can be a blurry line; a line that becomes even blurrier after checking out these 16-Bit images imposed over real backgrounds.

The real backgrounds/16-Bit images were created by Victor Sauron and Glauber Tanaka, a pair of DeviantART users that have a real affinity for 16-Bit video games. The two came up with the idea at similar times, and then conspired together to create the image gallery. From indisputable gaming classics Super Mario World, Zelda and Chrono Trigger to lesser known 16-Bit titles like Top Gear, Joe and Mac and UN Squadron, it's amazing how convincing these 16-Bit games can look when mashed up with real backgrounds.

By the way, you know you're a true gamer if you can name all the games in these images.