The Zen of Slow Cooking Offers Ready-to-Use Spice Blends

To help consumers ensure that the meals that they prepare in the slow cooker are as flavorful as they can be, The Zen of Slow Cooking sells a variety of ready-to-use spice blends.

While some of the spice blends are best suited to preparing specific recipes, others like Mediterranean, Smoky BBQ and Sweet and Spicy can be used for a variety of different purposes. The brand's Sichuan blend boasts a salt-free formula of whole spices in a muslin bag that can be used for seasoning everything from chicken and beef to tofu.

Alongside providing a range of ready-to-use spice blends for the slow cooker, The Zen of Slow Cooking also provides a number of flavorful recipe ideas, including everything from Chicken Tortilla Soup to Maple French Toast Casserole.