The Ravik Electric Surfboard Features an Innovative Motor

 - Aug 1, 2018
References: blessthisstuff
Awake has already been established as a high-end manufacturer of performance electric crafts, but its newly released Ravik Electric Surfboard introduces the brand to electrically powered surfboards. Composed of composite materials, this unique watercraft is designed to be incredibly lightweight and utilizes carbon fiber to accomplish this, without compromising structural integrity.

The motor on the Ravik Electric Surfboard is and 11kW brushless design and allows the surfboard to propel a rider at speed of up to 30 knots. The entire system is enclosed in a precision-machined impeller which ensures maximum efficiency. The unique design of the motor also ensures that it does not require any internal coolants.

The entire system is controlled via a wireless hand-held throttle and is powered by an external battery pack. The battery on the Ravim Electric Surfboard uses lithium-ion cells, which provide 40 minutes of mixed riding.