Raven by Mikael Schulz Captures Beautiful Black Fashions

Black is the ultimate versatile shade when it comes to dressing for any occasion, and Raven by Mikael Schulz puts the glamor back into a tone that so often loses its drama.

Stylist Maiken Winther chose deep ebony articles that exude detail in their exquisite structures. Seductive silhouettes are created with bell-bottomed bodysuits stylish cutoff leggings and diaphanous draping fabrics. Asymmetrical hems, angular necklines and gathered bikini tops create complimentary lines across the fair skin of the Milly Simmonds.

The dark garments are matched by the model with her damp brown hair and her deep inky eyes. Where the interplay of sharpness and softness becomes a theme in this Costume Denmark editorial for June 2011, the beachscape that acts as a backdrop for Raven by Mikael Schulz reflects it with silken sand and rough rocks.