Rambus Invents a Device That Could Miniaturize Cameras

 - Mar 29, 2014
References: rambus & designboom
Rambus is a technology company that's come up with a lens-free camera. Most digital cameras cannot be drastically downsized because of the specific lenses that are needed to take quality shots, but Patrick Gill, a researcher at Rambus, has come up with a solution.

The device works by "replacing the focusing optic with a 200 micron-wide sensor (smaller than a pencil point), that uses a spiral shape to map light. The lens-free technology relies on a computer processor to interpret what the resulting image should look like," according to DesignBoom. Basically the camera would rely on a computer to interpret the image, instead of a heavy-duty lens.

It will be interesting to see what happens with this technology, since professional photographers still favor DSLRs over smartphones. Perhaps this will push people in the other direction.

Photo Credits: designboom, rambus