Rainer Torrado Captures the Fresh-Faced Beauty of Model Boyan Karadzhov

 - Feb 8, 2012
References: fuckingyoung.es & fuckingyoung.es
In these striking new images from Rainer Torrado, the photographer presents some romantic captures of a fresh face to the modeling scene with Boyan Karadzhov. Electric, colored lighting is used along with a soft pink backdrop to better highlight the Bulgarian model's youthful features. And, although this may be one of Karadzhov's first introductions into the fashion industry, from his ease and natural ability to provide for some intriguing compositions before the lens, it is not hard to see why Ford Models Europe would want to represent him.

Shot wearing some interesting fashion pieces and showing off his slender physique, the model is expertly captured by Torrado. So if you're looking for a new face to associate with your brand, or for a photographer that can render it beautifully, then these images from Rainer Torrado are sure to give you some ideas.