Rafael Iglesia's Cantilevered Staircase is Held in Place by Pressure

 - Aug 2, 2017
References: archdaily
Though it might sound especially unsafe for a staircase, Rafael Iglesia's clever, cantilevered design is completely structurally sound. Nonetheless, it will likely still raise some eyebrows before people walk up it, as the staircase is built without any fixings whatsoever. That means the entire staircase has no nails, screws, glue, or any other sort of binding tool or material.

Iglesia's design stays in place through pressure and friction alone. To create the staircase, he designed a system of interlocking wood panels that would stay in place if enough pressure was exerted on them. In order to achieve this pressure, Rafael Iglesia and his team firmly inserted wooden wedges in the top and bottom of the staircase structure. Thus, once the extraneous supports were removed, the structure stayed standing.