The 'Radiant Light' Series is Inspired by Invisible Energy

 - Mar 15, 2014
References: patrickrochon & avenuecalgary
'Radiant Light,' a photography exhibit by Canadian artist and photographer Patrick Rochon, is a spectacular celebration of light, energy and forces invisible to and ignored by people.

Rochon is one of the foremost practitioners of 'light painting', a form of photography where images are made by moving the camera or a light source to create spectacular images of dancing lights.

Rochon's work seeks to bring to light shapes and visuals that are normally invisible. The Radiant Light exhibition seeks to interpret hidden forces such as "the shape of sounds, energy, vibrations, feelings,and the photons our bodies emit."

The images are created with single-exposure photography and are manipulated non-digitally. The result is a series of images depicting an explosion of lights and colors that form ethereal, abstract and highly complex shapes.

Rochon says he listens to music to initiate a physical vibration within himself, and then applies these vibrations to his light painting.

The Radiant Light series will be on display at the Endeavor Gallery in Calgary till May 3rd.