AMD Announces the Radeon HD 6990M Graphics Processor

 - Jul 13, 2011
References: hardwarecanucks & gizmodo
Graphical processing units (GPUs) are the raw materials required to produce the computer-generated magic we see in video games and in films every year, which is what makes AMD's assertion that their 'Radeon HD 6990M' is the fastest GPU ever so important.

This announcement appears just weeks after Nvidia -- AMD's only major competitor -- claimed to have the industry's fastest graphics card, the GTX 580. Although it appears that AMD is leading in the race toward perfect photorealism, the market is fickle and likely to change.

For the curious, the HD 6990M has approximately 1.7 billion transistors within its curiously small case and has the ability to produce almost picture-perfect simulations of real life. In fact, AMD's video card outperformed its Nvidia competitor by 20% in controlled tests.

Although it won't see widespread adoption until prices fall later in the year, this GPU is an indication of the strides the film and gaming industries have taken toward higher fidelity in the CG world.