Rachel Walsh Creates a Model to Explain E-Readers to Charles Dickens

It is interesting to think about how past generations would grasp the advancement of technology, which is exactly what student Rachel Walsh had in mind when creating her e-reader metaphor. She took on the rather daunting task of explaining what the Kindle was and how it worked to one of the world’s most renowned authors, the late Charles Dickens. Well, Rachel Walsh certainly went far beyond expectations when she created a rather literal prototype of the Kindle for a school project. The project got students to "explain something modern/internet based to someone who lived and died before 1900."

Essentially, Rachel Walsh created twenty mini replicas of real classic novels, hollowed out slots in a traditional-sized hardcover book and placed them inside it. That is essentially what an e-reader is, a collection of books in one holder.

A clever concept that was extremely well-executed, Rachel Walsh’s project submission definitely should earn her an A+.