Octopus Rings by Rabid Fox Channel 'Under the Sea'

 - Aug 31, 2010   Updated: Jul 5 2011
References: etsy & notcot.org
Rabid Fox has created some interesting body adornments in the shape of underwater creatures. These Octopus Rings are stylish and creative.

The Octopus Rings take up a lot of space on your finger, but look effortlessly stylish with any outfit and provide a different sort of jewelry look. Rabid Fox's Octopus Rings are squiggly fun, coming in a variety of colors so your fingers will never be bare again.

Implications - One of the most effective ways a company can stand out in a crowded marketplace is by investing in products that are conventional in all ways except design. By featuring a radical or unconventional design, the company slightly alters a familiar product, attracting interest from consumers seeking some stylistic spice and unfamiliarity in their otherwise standard lives.