Rabbits Lets You Quickly Outsource Simple Coding Jobs Via Email

 - Mar 24, 2015
References: ilikerabbits
Rabbits is a new service that those in the tech industry will absolutely love. It works a lot like Magic, which lets you buy/order just about anything via text. In fact, Rabbits calls itself 'The Magic of code.' Unlike magic, this service works with programming and any communication is done via email. The idea is to create a place where simple labor intensive programming tasks can be quickly outsourced.

Once you've submitted a detailed request via email, Rabbits will offer you a quote and a time estimation. The official time limit for projects is six hours and the site claims that job fees never exceed $300. While this may not be a useful service for the vast majority of people, those in tech should find it invaluable as finding good, affordable freelancers takes both time and money.