The 'Rabalder Parken' Acts as a Skatepark and a Resevoir

 - Jul 22, 2013
References: & springwise
In an effort to prepare for future floods, designers at Nordarch created a water-diverting skatepark entitled 'Rabalder Parken.' Rabalder Parken acts as a space for biking, jogging, parkour and skateboarding when not in use and as an outlet for water during emergencies. The skatepark collects water and then directs it towards a nearby lake area. As a result, those living in Roskilde, Denmark can enjoy a recreational resource and remain secure in the event of a flood.

Nordarch designed the skatepark in order to help residents of a rapidly expanding city deal with the massive amount of water they get. Since Denmark has had abnormally heavy rainfall in the past few years, the project comes at an opportune time.

Rabalder Parken has been nominated for the Sustainable Concrete 2013 awards.