The Quirky Chiller Keeps the Ice Frozen that Keeps Your Champagne Cold

 - Oct 1, 2013
References: quirky & quirky
There are two layers to the genius behind the efficiency of the Quirky Chiller. Share a bottle of white wine over the course of several hours and your bubbly beverage is guaranteed to stay cool. The key isn't to load up your ice bucket with as many ice cubes as you can, but rather to find a solution to keeping those very frozen contents solid.

Quirky is producing a double-lined champagne bucket that essentially incorporates a freezer pack. This component can be kept in that sub-zero refrigerator compartment until it's needed, then placed inside the aluminum bucket. An additional container is then inserted over the gel pack as insulation and a reservoir. With the lid on, any ice that you put into the Quirky Chiller will take a great deal longer to melt.