Get the Night Started With the Quilmes Cristal Beer Campaign

 - Jul 12, 2011
References: & ibelieveinadv
Although beer can easily be a daytime drink as much as a nighttime one, the Quilmes Cristal ad campaign is clearly promoting the beverage as the latter. The perfect drink to get your nocturnal groove on with, it also appeals to the younger generation through its cute and clever print ad campaign.

Conceived by Buenos Aires-based ad agency Young & Rubicam, the Quilmes Cristal ad campaign is comprised of three prints that each center around a couple. The man, who happens to be holding a bottle of Quilmes Cristal beer, is also holding the key to starting the night early. Like a grade-school science project, each beer is attached to a presentation board that, when pulled, will switch the daytime scenario to a nighttime one.

Creatively imaginative, the Quilmes Cristal ad campaign is certainly well-executed.