The 'Quicky-Pro' Extends and Unextends Itself Automatically

 - Jun 7, 2013
The 'Quicky-Pro' was developed in order to make measuring tapes more effective while simplifying them. Though most measuring tapes can be rolled up automatically, rolling them out has to be done manually. Quicky-Pro solves the difficult tape unwinding process through its genius design. Instead of having to spend precious time extending your measuring tool, Quicky-Pro does it for you.

The tape measure works as a spring to unroll itself. The tape automatically extends up to three meters without any effort. Since the entire tape works as a spring, there is no need for an extra mechanism. As a result, the Quicky-Pro makes measuring even easier than it was before by automatically deploying and rolling up.

In addition to its functionality, the Quicky-Pro is also very well designed. Packaging was kept to a minimum in order to create a minimalist effect while focusing on the product's function.