The Royal Chef Invention Gives Quick Spaghetti a Whole New Meaning

 - Jan 28, 2013
References: & gizmodiva
Quick spaghetti recipes have lost their functional meaning since the launch of Royal Chef's new Eight Second Spaghetti. As a matter of fact, the word "quick" has as well. Words constantly transform meanings in accordance with worldly developments. The emergence of the Eight Second Spaghetti most definitely marks one of those transforming moments. Analogous to how motor vehicles eliminated years out of traveling time and completely distorted the practical meaning of the word "fast," so has the Eight Second Spaghetti.

This lazy comfort food has never become this leisurely. For the incredibly busy professionals, this invention may just be a dream come true. For the everyday gourmet cooks, the need for accelerating the cooking time to this pace may be conflicting. Speaking through a point of view in between, I can merely predict that this pasta will be an occasional lifesaver for many.