Front Runner's Quick Release Tent Mount Kit is Fast and Convenient

 - Jul 13, 2017
References: frontrunneroutfitters & digitaltrends
Rooftop tents are a space-efficient way to go camping with one's vehicle, and the new Quick Release Tent Mount Kit from Front Runner is an even easier way to take advantage of the shelter system. The tent attaches to the back of a pickup truck, just like any other rooftop tent mount, but the Quick Release Tent Mount Kit is true to its name, assembling and folding up far faster than competitors.

Of course, when traveling with one's rooftop tent mount, it needs to be folded up. With many other tents on the market, the process of furling and unfurling takes a lot of manpower and time. The Quick Release Tent Mount not only folds quickly, but it can also be removed from its tracks with safety release latches, making it easy to store in off months.