'Quick Draw! The Data' Shows How People Drew the Same Concepts

 - May 19, 2017
References: quickdraw.withgoogle & theverge
A few months ago, Google released a program called 'Quick, Draw!' that trained a neural network to recognize human drawings through the guise of a fun interactive game, and now Google has updated the game's website to 'Quick, Draw! The Data' in order to open source some of the company's findings.

The Quick, Draw! game was simple on its face. The site would post a random word (usually a concrete object or simple concept,) and users had 20 seconds to draw that word. The aim of the game was to get Google's neural network to recognize the image within the time limit. Quick, Draw! went viral, and Google subsequently collected millions of drawings of hundreds of words.

Quick, Draw! The Data lays out all those drawings, organized by word. Clicking through, users can see a sped up animation of the exact lines that people drew as they played, giving a thorough and enlightening picture of how people interpret words and concepts visually.