David Rendon Interprets Quentin Tarantino Movies as Vintage Books

 - Jun 8, 2016
References: behance.net & fubiz.net
Parisian artist David Redon translated Quentin Tarantino movies into artful vintage book covers for his recent project 'Pulp Books.'

With a talent for taking the contemporary back to the past, David Redon places current pop culture in a new setting -- flipping the way we view its elements by placing them in an environment that's foreign to its plot. A previous project, titled 'Ads Libitum Perfumes' does this as well by capturing iconic songs by pairing them with vintage perfume ads -- associating songs by artists like Drake and Frank Ocean with a completely different reality. His renditions of Quentin Tarantino movies works similarly, with the iconic films imagined at short 25-cent novels. A book cover for 'Pulp Fiction' shows John Travolta holding a gun and staring into the back seat of a car, mirroring the well-known film scene while incorporating the aged art styles perfectly.