The Queb by FARZ Affords Absolute Flexibility for Storage

 - Sep 6, 2011
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No two houses and no two families are identical, so why should furniture manufacturers assume that standard pieces will suit everyone's stuff? Queb by FARZ does not ask you to conform to your furnishings, and rather presents an endless source of possibilities for the storage of your possessions.

The quirky product is remarkably simple. It's composed of a black steel rail that mounts onto the wall with invisible screws and a collection of cube compartments that connect to it. The cubbies can be fixed along the horizontal strip in any orientation.

One will discover how helpful a selection of askew boxes becomes for the placement of books, CDs and DVDs. And just for the sake of mixing things up, the topsy-turvy Queb by FARZ can be set in arrangements that are purely aesthetic.