'Quadrigram' Lets Users Socialize Their Data Findings

 - May 31, 2018
References: quadrigram & producthunt
With all the data that's being created and stored in the age of the internet, a tool like Quadrigram is an important way to help people pull stories out of all that information. The system uses a drag-and-drop interface to make it easier for data professionals to take their raw findings and shape them into something that anyone, from a wonk to an amateur, can understand and follow.

Typically, presenting data findings takes either coding, design skills, or both. Most people working in statistics are downright wizards with a spreadsheet, but they often lack those tangential skills necessary for presenting the stories that they're able to see so clearly. Quadrigram is a simple tool that removes the need for any niche, tertiary skills, taking care of the design and presentation and leaving the data-based narrative to the pros.