Qi Wei's Work With Flowers Packs an Explosive Aesthetic Punch

 - Aug 25, 2011
References: fqwimages & mymodernmet
Saying that the work of Qi Wei packs an explosive punch seems like the perfect description, as each of these floral portraits just seems to jump off the page. Qi Wei is a talented artist whose work has been compared to Todd McLellan's 'Disassembly Series,' which takes apart household objects.

Qi Wei's work is certainly intricate and time-consuming, but as he explains, the result is simply spectacular. Popular design website 'My Modern Metropolis' quotes Qi Wei in saying, "what is intriguing is how much surface area flowers with multiple petals can pack in them... even so, the flowers with less petals (like the lily) have a nice simplicity that makes a different image."

Implications - Breaking down existing products and objects in order to up-cycle them not only produces a whole new range of creativity, but it promotes practicality and sustainability. Companies who take a note from Qi Wei and take apart mundane objects to discover how they can be aesthetically re-assembled will highly appeal to consumers.