The Purion_Ion Air Purifier Enlightens Spaces with Warmth and Clean Air

 - Nov 20, 2013
References: & yankodesign
Without an explanation, you might be curious about the function of the Purion_Ion. It rather looks like an unusually low floor lamp, it emits heat like a hearth and it contains a few removable components that don't appear to be attached in any way.

Wongyung Lee's concept is for a contemporary fireplace that's inspired by the traditional Korean Agungi stove. Like the original, this one contains a small pocket with sticks inside, but instead of being wooden, these are electronic. The three stick ionizers charge in the big base wirelessly and they can be carried to any room that requires warmth and air freshening. All four elements of the Purion_Ion emit negative ions to eliminate unwanted particles, all the while keeping the inhabitants of the home nice and toasty.