The 'UpCart' Pull Trolley Features a Triple-Wheel Design for Ease of Use

 - Feb 11, 2016
References: upcart & odditymall
Being that the traditional pull trolley is flawed in being able to provide the ability to go up and down stairs, the 'UpCart' looks to solve this problem. Designed with a triple-wheel system that will easily climb stairs or other obstacles, the 'UpCart' works by cycling the wheels around to grab onto the next surface.

Ideal for bringing goods up stairs or small obstacles, the 'UpCart' pull trolley is designed with performance in mind and can support up to 100-pounds of cargo.

The modern world is full of obstacles to overcome for deliveries and the movement of items in-home. As such, the 'UpCart' shows promise as a being a way for delivery personnel to complete their job without worry.