The Pulke Herb Infuser is a Clever Seasoning-Stuffed Ingredient

 - Jan 30, 2014
References: ototodesign & 1designperday
The Pulke Herb Infuser introduces a commonly forgotten element into Western cuisine -- the presence of spices and seasonings. These make soups and stews a great deal more delicious and they're every bit as important for flavor and substance as the meaty morsels that you might toss into the mix.

The OTOTO culinary implement comprises a perforated basket and plastic handle that helps you to stir the product into your simmering recipe and retrieve it once more. When snapped together, the item takes on the appearance of a chicken drumstick with its flesh-like orange capsule and its bone-like cap. To use the Pulke Herb Infuser, simply fill it with whole parsley or basil and savory seeds and avoid blending them into your supper to keep your teeth fleck-free after eating.