The Puking Pastilles Will Induce Queasiness

 - Jul 6, 2011
References: instructables & instructables
The Puking Pastilles recipe is inspired by the wonderful bewitching world of Harry Potter and, though not magical, are sure to serve its purpose.

The recipe, which was done by Instructables user starshipminivan, will most likely turn your stomach. The recipe states that one can "Eat the orange half of these double-sided candies and you'll experience a strange queasy feeling due to the unfortunate combination of anise (black licorice flavor), garlic, and sugar. Once you have felt the impacts of this gut twisting flavor, calm your tummy with the delightfully minty purple half."

Implications - Consumers want to incorporate the fantasy of books and films into their every day lives. By re-creating the products depicted in the pop culture phenomenons, they escape the real aspects of their lives in a fun manner.