Public Resonance Encourages People to Discover the Sounds of the City

 - Oct 10, 2012
References: samweller
Some people are likely to look upon this Public Resonance percussion set with suspicions of how impressive it can possibly be, in terms of the sounds that it makes. The pieces are essentially blocks of wood of various sizes that incorporate vises, allowing them to be clamped onto just about anything.

But you'll quickly be able to appreciate the expert craftsmanship that Sam Weller has put into these musical objects, complete with precise ribbing, zigzagging edges and finely sliced fins. Each one can be hooked up to speakers for an intensified audio effect.

Set up in Soho, London, the Public Resonance installation got passers-by engaged in the sounds of their own city. Drumsticks enabled them to amplify the reverberations of benches and more, both while whacking the xylophone vices and any other component to which they were connected.