Dead People

 - Mar 1, 2008
References: arabaquarius.blogspot
I get creeped out big time by insects, and these ads only make matters worse. Boecker Public Health are serious about getting their message across to you, "Every year pests are respnsible for over 2 millon deaths." The Lebanese company provides pest control services for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, food processing units, business and house complexes.

The ad campaign, which was done by JWT Agency, Dubai; delivers the message by showing a man, a woman and a child gruesomely killed by a pest (fly, rat, roach). The manner of killing parallels the way we usually kill pests (Spray, smack with sandals...). I suspect they used it for dramatic effect of the danger of pests but I find its use a little curious, as it can be used in a 'people kill pests in such a violent manner' argument.

The ads were photographed by Daryl Patni, with illustrations by Mahesh Kubal and Tarek Samaan.