Carlo Van De Roer's AuraCam Takes Aura Portraits

 - Feb 27, 2011   Updated: May 5 2011
References: theportraitmachine & wired
These beautiful rainbowlike images are not made using some photo editing software or fancy camera filter: Photographer Carlo Van de Roer has created a special technique called AuraCam for taking pictures of aura portraits.

This controversial technology is said to take pictures of things that only people with psychic abilities can see, such as the human aura. If not scientifically proven, at least this impressive psychic photography can show us things we usually are not capable of seeing.

Implications - Psychics have been popular for many generations and some people actually base their entire lives around what a psychic has to say. Businesses that use the psychic phenomenon within their advertising should probably be cautious because some people take it extremely seriously.