Takashi Murati Makes Times Square Explode with Color in Psychedelic Video

 - Nov 7, 2012
References: timessquarenyc.org & psfk
Throughout the month of November, artist and animator Takashi Murati, will display his work entitled 'Melter 2' for all to see in one of the most densely populated areas of New York -- Times Square! In a series presented by Times Square Advertising Coalition, Murati will get his time to shine as his video will be aired at precisely 11:57 pm each night.

His video is sure to mesmerize the audience with a psychedelic visual experience that will make it difficult to look away. The video creates a sensory experience like no other as the colors explode onto the screen, bleeding and melting into each other to become one.

As part of 'Time Square Moment: A Digital Gallery,' series, other artists will also get the chance to have their moment in the limelight; but I can hardly imagine a video, which will be as profound as Murati's psychedelic video.