Leonard Oulian Electronic Mandalas Look at Elegance

 - Oct 10, 2012
References: leonardoulian.it & ignant.de
Using electric circuit board parts to create symmetrical artwork, the Leonard Oulian Electronic Mandalas demonstrate the beauty in technology and electricity.

From a distance, the intricate webbing doesn’t appear to be made out of circuit board wires, but rather strings of beads and jewels. Once you come closer, it becomes apparent that the delicate and vibrantly colored electric wires have an inherent allure and attraction to them that comes through in these elaborate designs.

Circuit boards have become one of the most necessary items holding our electronically dependent lives in place with their useful energy conduction, however they are often hidden away and overlooked by many people. That is why the Leonard Oulian Electronic Mandalas are so intriguing as they give a peek at the inner workings of our favorite devices.