PS#2 Plungers Assume the Nostalgic Look of Ambulatory Supports

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: georgecoffin & dezeen
Where it concerns these PS#2 Plungers, I'd personally feel a little odd using such carefully crafted items as plumbing contraptions. It seems much more fitting to stick cheaply and quickly manufactured apparatuses into an overflowing toilet bowl.

Nevertheless, we have here a set of three toilet plungers that have been designed by George Coffin for the purpose of playing with the mind of the user. He has taken the beautifully carved walking stick, as a recognizable and nostalgic object, for use in a series entitled Familiar/Foreign.

Separately, the rubber cup and the cane are common items, but together they form something unusual. While the combination is unexpected, the PS#2 Plungers look remarkably right and would make delightfully whimsical accessories for any bathroom.