The Doo App Centres Around Completing One Job at a Time

 - May 13, 2016
References: getdooapp & thenextweb
The Doo app is an interactive productivity platform that is designed to help keep the user's focus streamlined by focusing on one single task at a time. The app allows consumers to deal with only one job rather than multitask, to keep the user feeling confident and less stressed. The singular focus ensures consumers can move more quickly and easily through their daily to-do lists and accomplish the most they can with their day.

Doo allows users to set reminders, tasks, dates as well as alerts for each of the events and tasks they need to complete. Each one is coupled with an illustrative graphic that describes the event to accommodate visual learners. The tasks pop up individually on the screen, keeping the consumer's focus on one task at a time to decrease feeling overwhelmed -- which can compromise productivity.