The Procreation Lamp Represents the Pregnant Belly and Umbilical Cord

 - Jun 27, 2011
References: wix & designbuzz
Depending on how you look at the Procreation Lamp, it can be either disturbing or beautiful. Taking into consideration that it is a symbolism for life, I will go with beautiful. Since the lamp's shape is a representation of a pregnant belly and umbilical cord, perhaps I have more of a connection to it as a woman.

Created by Italian designer Salvatore Franzese, the Procreation Lamp is organically original. Centered on the idea of light and life, it shows how light actually nourishes life. The addition of the "umbilical cord" creates an interaction between the user and the object. I love the use of rough textures in the Procreation Lamp; they give this simple yet slightly surreal design a natural feel.