Vouge Italia Wants to Stop 'Pro-Ana' Sites with This Campaign

 - Sep 12, 2013
References: vogue.it & theguardian
The high fashion industry may not be known for its acceptance of different sizes of bodies, however, Vogue Italia doesn’t want to stand idly by while there are Pro-Ana sites on the internet.

Pro-Ana is, unfortunately, a movement that helps to promote anorexia. On blogs, men and women come together to give each other tips on how to eat less and are there to berate those who fall off the anorexia wagon.

Editor Franca Sozzani has decided to step into action to hopefully put a stop to this. Vogue Italia has made a campaign that raises awareness of this problem and it has also come up with a spread that celebrate women who are a more average size.

It is important to see that one of the most powerful women in the fashion industry is condemning Pro-Ana sites, and it is so important that everyone knows how beautiful they are, regardless of size.