This Prison Design Uses Open Spaces and Color to Reduce Recidivism

 - Oct 29, 2015
References: citylab
This prison design is part of a United States effort to stop viewing prisons simply as jails and start looking at them as part of a continual process to reintegrate people into society. The Las Colinas Detention and Re-entry Facility has been redesigned by KMD Architects to have large windows to let in natural light and pleasant art.

Instead of dark and gloomy rooms, the prison design uses bright colors like green, blue and orange to liven up the spaces. High ceilings and open spaces are integrated instead of cramped living quarters. Replacing metal furniture is wooden and plastic chairs and tables.

The idea behind this is to reduce the difference felt between the jail and the outside world. It can be a shock to re-enter society after years in jail and this prison design would make this change a little smoother.