Dress to Kill's 'Principles of Lust' Shoot is Bold and Experimental

It is interesting to see eccentric -- or even sensual -- outfits that still manage to remain elegant, as is shown throughout the 'Principles of Lust' magazine editorial. Instead of being purely eclectic and theatrical, the outfits are more bold and experimental. Perhaps only the most daring women would wear these styles, but celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are paving the way for more fashionable trials that any woman can partake in.

Shot by photographer Kinya for Dress to Kill magazine, the Principles of Lust editorial stars model Kristina Romanova. Romanova was styled by Julien Alleyne, who opted for sculptural shapes and fitted jackets. These outfits are accented by lush curls by Eiji Kadota and natural makeup by Kouta.