Prince Hat Posters Simplify Pop Culture's Popular Shows

 - Aug 3, 2011
Prince Hat Posters are the creators behind these simplified TV posters; they also create posters for popular movies, advertisements and more. The company is essentially one artist named Patrick Svensson; however, his posters are created through a collaboration of various artists. Svensson’s company Prince Hat Posters was inspired by an old Scandinavian fairy tale and his influences are varied, but draw mainly from the simplistic beauty of life and clean graphic design and illustration.

For any fan of one or more of these shows, Svensson's posters do an excellent job of representing them in the most basic way, while still capturing the basic concept of the show. One of the creations by Prince Hat Posters depicts the popular TV series Friends with letters squished together, representing the closeness of the friends on the show. Decoding Svensson’s posters is almost like cracking a secret code that only someone who has seen or heard of the show can solve.