The Warrior Superheat Shoe’s Pre-World Cup Colorway is White and Gold

The Warrior Superheat speed boot has been given a timely pre-World Cup makeover with the addition of a luxurious white and gold colorway. This design adds a rich, eye-catching color to an already well-regarded speed boot.

The boot’s upper is fitted with revolutionary Tri-fusion bonded skin which allows players clean touches of the ball. Lightweight ‘Neoweb’ upper mesh construction molds to the player’s foot contours, making the boot feel like it’s part of the player’s skin and providing a natural fit, high comfort and breathability.

The Warrior Superheat pre-World Cup booth hasn’t yet been released to the public, but is expected to retail for $180. The boot was first worn by England prospect Tom Ince during his team Crystal Palace’s high-profile 3-3 draw with Liverpool.