The Predict A Pen Will Answer All Your Burning Questions

 - Nov 2, 2011
References: spoonsisters & incrediblethings
The Spoon Sisters have taken the mystical powers of a magic 8-ball and transplanted them onto snazzy ball-point pen, creating the amazing Predict A Pen.

If you happen to be buried in paper work and staring down the barrel of an intimidating deadline, you don't have to wait to see how it will all turn out. Simply shake your pen and beg the question of whether or not your gainful employment will see the end of the week. Eliminate the pain of not knowing and get on with your day.

Far more portable than its predecessor, the Predict A Pen looks like nothing more than your average writing utensil. Now, you can carry all the might of the great beyond without inspiring pitying looks from strangers on the subway. It fits comfortably in your pencil case, your dress shirt pocket or behind your ear for that sexy librarian look -- let's see a magic 8-ball do that!

You'll never question another career move with the Predict A Pen in your corner.