Prank vs Prank Uses Twins to Convince People of Teleportation

 - Aug 13, 2013
References: youtube & laughingsquid
Prank vs Prank, the YouTube pranking sensation, has come up with a clever joke in collaboration with Jacksgap. Using a set of twins, Prank vs Prank managed to convince several people in London that teleportation is possible.

One twin stood underneath a bridge in a mall. He would go up to people and ask them to take their picture. A member of Prank vs Prank would then go up to whoever agreed, and ask him or her what time it was, giving the twin just enough time to duck behind the mall directory sign. On top of the bridge, the second twin would come running out, acting as if nothing had happened. The photographer would look up, and be at a loss as to how a single person could travel 20 feet upwards in a millisecond.

This hilarious prank left a ton of people feeling shocked and awed. No one ever caught on to the fact that they were two separate people, but left the mall courtyard feeling as if magic was truly possible.