The Prague Vertical Farm is a Sustainable City Skyscraper

 - Apr 15, 2011
References: & ecofriend
A great divide has formed between the urban environment and the agricultural landscape, but with the infrastructure suggested by this Prague Vertical Farm, fresh crops can now be truly locally grown.

Keeping with the metropolitan practice of building up, architects Michal Votruba and Michaela Dejdarova have planned for a relatively little lot on which a sustainable superstructure could be built. The concept essentially involves the stacking of modular tetrahedrons that offer added surface area to green terraces and encourage the penetration of sunlight and air. Natural resources will of course be harnessed to capitalize on rainwater collection and solar energy. The overall costs of maintaining such a system would be lower than if more land was involved, and the Prague Vertical Farm eliminates the need for long-distance transportation to where fruits and vegetables can be sold.