This Savory Cake is Topped with Mashed Potatos, Gravy and Chicken Wings

 - Sep 19, 2015
References: facebook & foodiggity
For those individuals that don't have a sweet tooth, perhaps this savory potato cake might be something you'd be more inclined to have a slice of. This unconventional cake is topped with items you might find on a dinner table rather than chocolate, candies or sweets.

Chef Dairus Wiliams created this epic salty cake that expertly pays tributes to Southern comfort food with its ingredients. The cake features a thick layer of mashed potatoes topped with deep fried barbecue chicken wings covered in gravy and garnished with fresh herbs. This non-traditional cake cleverly merges dinner with dessert by presenting a savory meal as a dessert rather than individual dishes. This would be a great cake to serve at a sports party.